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Il Suo Dialogo Interelligioso

Verso il trenta quatresimo anniversario dalla sua elezione al Servizio Petrino

28 settembre 2012

Pensieri sul Beato Papa Giovanni Paolo II "Il Grande"

Il suo Dialogo Interelligioso

Giovanni Paolo II con i Capi delle diverse religioni 

S.E.R. Il Signor Cardinale Ennio Antonelli

 ‘Includo anche i dialoghi, i dialoghi inter-religiosi, specialmente l’incontro inter-religioso ad Assisi. Era un’attività nuova, un incontro non solo di preghiera collettiva ma per stare insieme per pregare. Ci rivolgiamo a Dio secondo le nostra tradizioni…..Allora in questo vide la possibilità del dialogo di collaborazione di un’unione imperfetta ma nel rispetto della diversità nelle diverse tradizioni. È ovvio che la Chiese propone a tutti il Vangelo e propone a tutti la Conversione al Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo, ma sa che in ogni religione, in ogni popolo di buona volontà il Signore sta già lavorando nei loro cuori!’ S.E.R. Il Signor Cardinale Ennio Antonelli 25.02.2011

Thoughts on the Blessed Pope John Paul II 'The Great'

His Inter-Religious Dialogue

Assisi - 27th October 1986

The Most Reverend Lord Cardinal Ennio Antonelli

United Kingdom ‘I also include the dialogues, the inter-religious dialogues, especially the inter-religious meeting at Assisi. It was a new activity, it was not a meeting to pray together but a time together for prayer. Turning to God according to our various traditions..He saw in this the possibilitiy of a collaborative dialogue, an imperfect union but respectful of the diversity of the vaious traditions. Clearly the Church proposed the Gospels as it proposes to all the conversion to Our Lord Jesus Christ but in all religions, in all men of goodwill the Lord is already at work.'The Most Reverend Lord Cardinal Ennio Antonelli 25.02.2011 

Ħsibijiet dwar il-Beatu Papa Ġwanni Pawlu II "Il-Kbir"

Id-Djalogu Inter-Reliġjuż 

L'Ispirtu t'Assisi

L-E.R.T. Il-Kardinal Ennio Antonelli

  ‘Ninkludi wkoll id-djalogi, id-djalogi inter-reliġjużi, speċjalment il-laqgħa inter-reliġjuża f’Assisi.  Kienet attività ġdida, kienet laqgħa mhux biex nitolbu flimkien imma noqogħdu flimkien sabiex nitolbu.  Induru lejn Alla skont it-tradizzjonijiet tagħna…..  Allura f’dan hu ra l-possibilità tad-djalogu ta’ kollaborazzjoni ta’ għaqda mperfetta imma fir-rispett tad-diversità għad-diversi tradizzjonijiet.  Ovvju li l-Knisja tipproponi għal kulħadd il-Vanġelu u tipproponi  għal kulħadd għall-konverżjoni għas-Sinjur Tagħna Ġesù Kristu, imma taf li f’kull reliġjon fil-poplu kollu ta’ volontà tajba l-Mulej ikun diġà qed jaħdem fihom!’ L-E.R.T. Il-Kardinal Ennio Antonelli - 25.02.2011

His Holiness Pope John Paul II 'The Great' with H.E. King Hassan II of Morocco

Prayer of John Paul II 

at Casablanca, 19th August 1985 , in the stadium

where King Hassan II introduced him to 80,000 young Moroccans

You are our Creator
You are good and your mercy is without end.
All creatures praise you.
You have given to the men and women we are
an internal law by which we must live.
Doing your Will is bringing our task to fulfilment.
Following your ways is to know peace of soul.
We offer you our obedience.
Guide us in all the endeavours we undertake on earth.
Free us from evil inclinations,
which divert our hearts from your Will.
Prevent us from using your Name to justify humanity's disorders.
O God
You alone are One
We adore you
Do not allow us to stray from you.
Judge of all men and women
Help us to be among your chosen ones on the Last Day.
Author of Justice and Peace
Grant us true joy and genuine love
As well as enduring fraternity among all peoples.
Fill us with your gifts forever.

Frank Zammit with H.E. The Lord Cardinal Ennio Antonelli

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