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JOHN PAUL I - A life in pictures!


A life in pictures!

Celebrating the Centenary of his Birth

"Personally, when I speak alone  with God and the Virgin, more than adult I prefer to feel young. The mitre, the skull cap, the ring disappear, I send on holidays the adult and also the bishop to be abondoned to the spontaneous tenderness that a boy has infront of Dad and Mum. The rosary, a simple and easy prayer as well, helps me to be a child and I am not ashamed of it, at all"
                                                                                                                               (Albino Luciani)

Standing on the left, Albino Luciani's mother, Bortola Tancon and his father Giovanni. Seated his maternal grandparents.

Forno di Canale - Albino Luciani's birthplace

Albino Luciani as a little child.

A three year old Albino Luciani

Albino Luciani at approximately the age of 10 sitting at a table reading a book.

The seminary years. Albino Luciani is the third from the left in the second row

Don Albino Luciani: A very young priest.

In 1937 Don Albino Luciani was appointed Vice-Rector of the diocesan seminary in Belluno.

27th December 1958: Albino Luciani being ordained bishop by His Holiness Pope John XXIII.

Luciani took part in all four sessions of the Council beginning in 1962

On the 15th December 1969, he was named as the 45th Patriarch of Venice

The Patriarch while writing "Illustrissimi".

Paul VI created him a cardinal of the title of San Marco on March 5th, 1973. He was the first prelate on the list of that concistory.

For three years (1973-76) he was Vice President of the Italian Episcopal Conference

He contributed brilliant positions in the 1974 Synod of Bishops

1st August 1978: He congratulated the parents of Louise Brown, the first test tube baby.

6th August 1978: The Death of Paul VI

He arrived in the Eternal City four days after the death of Paul VI

The Patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Albino Luciani on enterong the conclave of August 1978

Throughout the conclave his vote went to Cardinal Aloisio Lorscheider

26th August 1978: Elected to the Throne of Peter

He took the name of John Paul I - The first Pope that had two names.

Pope John Paul I and the Archbishop of Munich and Freising Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

What were they talking about?

Throughout his short pontificate he was assisted by Don Diego Lorenzi as his 'Segretario Particolare'.

29.9.1978: The Universal Church was shocked with the news of the death of John Paul I

We pray the Lord

Lord, Omnipotent and eternal God, 
We admire the marvels that You Grace
works in your children. Today 
We bless you for the love You have poured out 
on Your Servant, Pope John Paul I, by calling him 
To life, to Your friendship, 
To serve You as pastor and as Your
Vicar for the Universal Church.
As we inaugurate the centenary year that recalls 
the history of his life in the light of your Providence,
which guides men and events toward 
the encounter with You, 
from the testimony of life of John Paul I,
a living image of Jesus, the Good Shepherd,
help us to draw on those gifts that make us
Your children and disciples of Christ:
from his faith and serenity we want to learn
to abandon ourselves to You with the heart of a child;
from his generosity, we want to learn    
to say "Yes" to everything You ask of us; 
from his love for the simple and the little ones, 
we want to learn to serve everyone who needs us. 
Father in Heaven, 
We humbly ask you to glorify 
In your Church Your Servant John Paul I, 
So that, through his intercession and his example, 
We may all draw on and give, 
with humility and simplicity , 
The light and love that radiate from You. 
Through Christ out Lord. 


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