Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cooperatores Veritatis

Vatican sends proposal letter to Lefebvrians

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI is giving the Society of St. Pius X a new opportunity to fully join the Church. Before Christmas the Vice President of Ecclesia Dei Comission, Agustine di Noia, who is partly in charge on negotiating with the traditionalist group, sent them a letter, which was personally reviewed and accepted by the Pope. It proposes two solutions.   

Msgr Joseph Augustine Di Noia

The letter emphasizes the strong desire to overcome tensions. It also stresses the importance of unity and the need to avoid 'pride, anger and impatience.' The letter also adds that their disagreements should not prevent them from having true discussions and a spirit of openness. 

 H.E. Bishop Bernard Fellay
The text is addressed to Bishop Bernard Fellay, who serves as the superior of the Lefebvrists. In its first option, the Vatican says it could recognize the charism of Archbishop Lefebvre and the formation of priests who belong to the Society of St. Pius X. That is if they renounce all “counterproductive rhetoric, justifying and correcting theology and also publicly correcting others in the Church.” 

 Donum Veritatis

The second option allows the Society to base their arguments under the guidelines set by 'Donum Veritatis.' The document was written back in 1990. It deals with the dissidence of progressive theologians. As stated in the document the Vatican is not opposed to legitimate theological questions or differences, as long as those objections are expressed internally. The main goal of this would be to engage the Magisterium, and not to form a parallel division within the Church. 

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