Thursday, 31 January 2013


Vatican Apostolic Library uploads 256 digitized manuscripts

The Vatican Apostolic Library

Texts, letters and manuscripts previously available only to experts with access to the Vatican's Library are now just a click away.

The 256 documents are the first to be made available to anyone, simply by logging on to the website of the Vatican Apostolic Library. But the project is much more ambitious.

Prefect, Vatican Apostolic Library
“It will be all of the manuscripts. To be more precise, all of the manuscripts that are conserved within the manuscript deposit in the Library. There are about 80,000.”

The project started in late 2011, and employs the use of technology from NASA to digitize the documents. But, it will take years.

Once finished, the files will use up approximately 4.5 million gigabytes in the Vatican Library's external hard-drive.

Source: Romereports

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