Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Archbishop William Lori: Pope Benedict "a teacher of the Faith par excellence"


Archbishop William Lori: Pope Benedict "a teacher of the Faith par excellence"


Pope Benedict XIV “was a splendid teacher of the Faith, I think a teacher of the Faith par excellence.” Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore – the oldest diocese in the United States.

 “He had a way of bringing to bear the richness of the Church’s tradition on all of our contemporary questions. He had a way of weaving together Scripture understood as a totality, together with patristic and liturgical sources. And in that way he let the tradition of our Church speak full-throated to the modern world while at the same time writing in a way that people could understand and grasp. I never cease to marvel at the riches that the Holy Father brought forth from his spiritual and intellectual storehouse.”

“I also think that he was so gentle as our Pontiff, and I think of how he connected with young people at World Youth Day. He was not a rock star figure of wisdom, he was one that the young people trusted. And they sensed that he loved them, and they loved him in return. I went to many World Youth Days, and saw him on other occasions with young people, and I think that’s something that I’ll always remember and treasure.”

In a statement released earlier this week, Archbishop Lori described Pope Benedict as “a profound and loving teacher of the faith, a courageous defender of human rights and dignity, and a man of prayer, humility, and wisdom,” and thanked the Holy Father for his leadership of the Church over the past eight years. He also requested the prayers of “all the faithful of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, and all women and men of good will for Pope Benedict as he concludes his long and loving service to the Church. I also ask prayers for the Church herself as preparations are made for the election of Pope Benedict’s successor.”


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