Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hardly will be called a cardinal. Maybe a Bishop Emeritus of Rome

Father Lombardi: The Pope's ring will be broken
The ring of the fisherman
Hardly will be called  a cardinal.  Maybe a Bishop Emeritus of Rome
Fr Federico Lombardi
What will happen to the Pope's ring?  It will probably be "broken" after February 28th. This was revealed by Father Federico Lombardi, S.J., but explained that these are unusual situations and that's why that these rules are studied by experts in coming days. But the "objects" associated closely with the petrine ministry, have to be destroyed.
The Pope, specifies Fr Lombardi, will maintain all his commitments until February 28th, nothing that on the 27th will be scheduled his last General Audience. "We think that we will have to carry out this activity out in St Peter's Square, as a lot of people will surely participate." There are no other special events, but the Ash Wednesday Mass will be his last big celebration in St Peter's Basilica with the participation of many cardinals.
The Pope in the Vatican will live in the convent where the secluded nuns are now, but clearly he will not live with the nuns. The building which is currently being restored is small. Why will Benedict XVI 
leave at 20 of February 28?" Because in that hour it ends his normal-day". In choosing, therefore, "no reason" or "legal or operational", but only " the normal end of the working day of the Holy Father." The Pope is not a cardinal, he is the head of the college of cardinals. But it certainly that he is not expected to participate in the conclave It will be interesting to see how we will turn to him, as he will be called. Hardly will be called a cardinal.  Maybe a Bishop Emeritus of Rome.

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